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mycouchTips on Transformation from Whispering Fritz

Let’s get this straight right now. In the English language man’s best friend … spelled backwards … is God. That’s right … dog. I am (or was) a dog. I am not trying to make a big thing out of this god thing nor am I proposing deity status for myself or any of my esteemed canine colleagues … but there is something godlike about those of us belonging to the Canis lupus familiaris family. Like it or not, believe it or not … it’s the truth. Dogs have a special ability to

communicate with loved ones (and we do love you) that starts in puppyhood, matures with time and continues even after we have left the physical plane of existence. I am not an expert on the communication skills or teaching talents of all the other categories of working animals or beloved pets, but I am sure about dogs. Yes! If you humans are properly tuned in you may receive sound advice and guidance from your four-legged furry comrades. Our primary goal is to form a bond of close companionship (bordering in some cases on the symbiotic) with our ‘owners’. We pay attention to the smallest of passing thoughts and we react. We teach lessons about love, compassion, responsibility, loyalty. If you mistreat us … you will learn a lot about sassy misbehaving (I did a lot of that) which can accelerate and then there is the distinct possibility that we take a bite out of someone to prove a point or just as a conditioned response to cruel treatment. We have long memories and just as with Homo sapiens, all of us are not as evolved as others. However, for most of us, our greatest joy and mission on earth is to accompany our chosen human or family of humansthrough specific time periodsor life passages. This tail-wagging companionship cum advisory mission does not, contrary to popular opinion, end with death. I refuse to debate the question: “Do dogs have souls?” We do. End of discussion. We operate from a place most humans only hope exists … but fear it does not. Let’s take the idea of “beyond the Beyond” and run with it. I, Fritz, have already passed into that space and am constantly communicating with my earthly student, a certain Ms. Em. I am perhaps an extreme example since I have had to use force and a number of terror tactics to get my unwilling target to take me into her care so I could teach her the lessons she needed to learn. Here I am again trying to push her into doing something that is important for the marketing of her (my) book; Learning to Live with Fritz and once again, she rebels.sku-000126676

I refer to the act of writing a blog. My debuting author E. Rawlins was an international opera singer, a person with a voice and two hands that could type and take dictation. Little did she know that singing would give way to writing as I took over her life. I am not ashamed to admit that I forced her to write our story to give more humans a chance to get off the merry-go-round of their ‘me-oriented’ existence and get a bigger picture of what is really important. I am reporting in from out here in the Quantum Field where every service-directed action, every kindness, every act of compassion counts in the race for spiritual enlightenment. Billionaire status, fame, a private jet or your iPhone 4Adele’s 21 or even a Lana del Rey CD may make you momentarily happy but will get you nowhere fast … as I see it from here. It has taken many years of prodding but my unwilling author has done it. All of her kicking and screaming ignored, I have manipulated her successfully to the very last phase of the book project. However, when she read the word ‘blog’ (discovered in her social network marketing questionnaire) she balked big time. She hadn’t a clue about blogs! So, I whispered the most logical thing I could think of ( into her left ear … my traditional modus operandi) to spur her on. I reminded her that she couldn’t really call up Stephen King or posthumously contact John Steinbeck or Silvia Plath for writing tips. I told her simply to ask her sister[1] who has just published a book entitled Skinny the Cat and the Magic of Kindness[2]She would know how to do it! Miss Em’s publishers suggested that if she couldn’t think of anything else, she should start out with the second chapter of the soon-to-be “outthere” book, Learning to Live with Fritz … as a teaser. This chapter describes my voice as I order her to enter a Manhattan pet shop (using my powerful Mafia boss whispering technique) and she actually walks out with me (tugging her toward her destiny) on my spanking new leash. This chapter is lots of fun. Every word of it is true. For human understanding, this chapter is just far-fetched enough for potential readers to be intrigued. They would want to buy the book (that’s the point, n’est pas?) and find out what I (then a willful and psychically gifted twelve week old Maltese puppy) did to upset my dizzy diva’s lifestyle in the operatic fast lane. Since narcissism was my diva’s major for all the years leading up to my dramatic entrance in her life, her first attempt at blogging was less than interesting. It started out to be all about whom? Of course, it was all about her and barely a word was lost on me, Frizbee otherwise known as Fritz, hero of a book about one crazy little dog who changed her life. It was then that I decided to take over the blog writing responsibilities. Note to Ms. Em: Try to understand that this blog is a promotional tool for our book and we will have to begin writing these blogs together. Learning to Live with Fritz, no matter how comical, magical, mystical and life changing a book it is … will not sell itself.

About whisperingfritz

Fritz, Guru dog, unyielding dictator, a tiny Maltese terrier -transforms the life of his preferred student and victim, a beautiful international soprano on her way back to Europe to save what is left of a once promising career. Madcap adventures, true love in the operatic fast lane, spiritual enlightenment, comic scenarios and other-worldly occurrences spike this self analytical and mystical memoire.

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  1. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I am so glad we found each other in the blogosphere!!!! Looking forward to reading MORE…Have a marvelous day my new blogging friend!!!!

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