About E. Rawlins

About E. Rawlins

Author E. Rawlins, an edgy, egocentric, and soon-to-be divorced soprano, found herself in New York arranging an audition tour to boost her neglected career. Against her better judgment, she felt mysteriously compelled to buy a Maltese terrier pup in a Manhattan pet store. Frizbee, better known as “The Fritz,” turned out to be a grumpy, short-tempered dog who masquerades as her high-maintenance mascot.
In Learning to Live with Fritz, Rawlins narrates the story of their fifteen-year journey that takes them to Paris, Brussels, Salzburg, Vienna, Tokyo, and back to the Big Apple. Humorous and self-critical, she relays the adventures of a dog with a mission to change her and teach her to understand herself better through his rules and regulations, his antics, and his irascible charm. Rawlins shares anecdotes about Fritz’s idiosyncrasies, his predilections for eccentric behavior, his mad temper tantrums—and the feeling of fun that he brought to so many.

This memoir tells how one narcissistic diva learned the value of “being here now” from an eight-pound ball of fur and how this one crazy, little guru dog taught her the true meaning of unconditional love.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me a follow! Very kind of you. Your book looks intriguing and I wish you much luck with it!

  2. thanks for connecting with me and following my art of life blog. we learn so much from our pets. thanks for sharing in your book! light and love to you and fritz.

  3. I had a dog in my house for the first time in forty years, firmly believing until now that their place was outside. A friend brought him. He walked in, looked into my face, walked into the living room and sat down. He looked so ‘at home’ I didn’t have the nerve to ask them to take him out. Maybe there’s something I need to learn from them too.

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